Nature we have not received
inherited from our ancestors, but
borrowed it from our children!
American Indian saying.

Dear Visitor! 

Society "Latvian Anglers Association" (LAA) was founded in 2001 and registered in the Latvian Company Register 29/05/2001., Reg. No. 40008060351. It was founded by 17 small societies in order to protect its members' interests in angling area, from which could also benefit the wider community of anglers. However, the LAA has never qualified for the national representation of all anglers. 

As a first objective in the LAA Statutes is the environmental protection, especially that of water resources, water biological resources protection, their biodiversity and sustainability. 

It is possible that this may cause some dilemma, especially for anglers and  protectors of the environment. But this has been a wish of all the LAA members. This concernes humane, civil, ethical, philosophical undertaking of the environment and, according to anglers beliefs, that today it is irresponsible, unprofessional and unethical act to fish without taking care of quality of fish resources and of the habitat. 

This trust was also strongly expressed in the Code of Ethics of LAA. 

The first practical work, which LAA started at an early stage was the environmental protection measures – especially limiting the construction of small scale hydroelectric power stations and a fish resource protection campaign "Let there be Salmon!", which in 2006 became the campaign known as "Living Water". Both of these share a long-standing patron, the Minister of Environment Raimonds Vejonis, who is also an Honorary Member of LAA.

The early achievement of the LAA were the new Rules of the Cabinet of Ministers in which is presented a proposal  for the need to protect the rivers from the small scale hydroelectric power stations. After intense lobbying, this proposal was also accepted by the Government in 15.01.2002. as “Regulations on the rivers (river sections), to which the protection of fish resources is prohibited to build hydroelectric dams and restore and build any mechanical barriers”

Logical and integral part of the LAA is the public, especially children and youth and their environmental education. These goals are also part of LAA Statutes.

As far as is known, the LAA is the only known anglers organization in Europe which Statutes provide special standard – the people with special needs (disabilities) integration in society and the appropriate development of sport angling to them. 

Just as an integral part of the LAA is also angling competitions (mostly for its members, as well as for invited guests). 

In parallel with the above, LAA deal also with: 

* Environmentally-friendly angling tourism development and promotion; 

* The registration of Angling Records of Latvia in Fishing Line Strength Categories according to "International Game Fish Association" (IGFA, USA) the main principles of the world record fishing registration (please see the section - Records). 

For LAA, the years of 2005 and 2006 were very important.

To expand its operations and to become more mature, LAA in 2005 turned to the  Ministry of Environment and the Latvian Saeima (Parliament) with a proposal to revise and to expand principles governing the rights of the environmental inspectors to monitor the  resources independently without the presence of the State Enviroment Inspectors. As a result, historic changes were made in the Law on Fishery without any real precedence in rest of Europe. As a result, LAA after active lobbying members of the Parlament, succeeded in changing of the Law. This change was approved by 90% of the membership of the Parliament.

At the same time LAA obtained a change in the Law on Fishery which prevented commercial fishing with nets in all rivers and some lakes in Latvia. 

The amendment of the Law on Fishery's resulted establishing of a Mobile surveilance group by LAA. This is the first non-governmental organization (LAA)  voluntare unit operating virtually in all Latvia territory, and when necessary they cooperates with various national environmental protection commissions, such as: Marine and Inland Waters Administration of the State Environmental Service, state police and various government and State Enviroment Inspectors. 

The Mobile Group of LAA consists of more than 20 people (all LAA members).  Some are public environmental inspectors who are authorized by the State Environmental Service while others of the Mobile Group are volunteer helpers, who are also participating in the fish resources protection and surveillance raids (in each raid, the crew members of Mobile Group is different). 

In 2006, while the LAA was reorganized to activate and strengthen and the Latvian anglers ideological unity which was necessary to increase the overall level of individual responsibility for the fish resources and to safeguard biodiversity. Accordingly, any interested person in environmental protection could also become LAA member. 

At the end of 2006, at the conclusion of fish resources protection campaign "Living Water 2006", as in every previous year, was prepared a Final Report. This time the Report was greatly expanded and included a variety of documents as well as visual information, especially prepared for video presentation, which together with various letters and other documents, LAA presented to the President of Latvia, the Speaker of Saeima, the Prime Minister, some government ministers, political parties represented in Parliament and the media. 

All replies to these letters expressed unequivocal support for the 10 proposals put forth by LAA to address all of the concerns of LAA. 

As a result, and in accordance with the resolution of Prime Minister (16.02.2007.) - "To effectively address issues and problems related to the fish resources protection and use off" was an appropriate response and that of the Minister of Agriculture Martins Roze order (22/03/2007.) in the Ministry of Agriculture established the Board of Fisheries (now - Fisheries Department) and formed a work-group "Of fish resources protection and use off".  This work-group consisted of seven-state institutions and six non-governmental organizations to address these issues. 

This group worked for almost two years, which is unprecedented in the history of Latvia fisheries and environmental protection. The most important achievement of this group was, LAA believes, the creation of a new legislative act by the Cabinet of Ministers "Regulations on fishing net trade and movement." There were also other significant changes in many other laws and regulations. 

In order to better implement the common goals of environmental protection, LAA and the Ministry of Environment (now – Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development) signed an open-ended "Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in environmental protection." on February 22, 2006.

Over the last ten years, the consistent implementation of its activities, LAA reached a very significant goal in changing public attitudes regarding environmental protection of water and fish resources.  This was achieved by an increased public participation. 

LAA considers this as one of the greatest achievements! 

In recent years, an integral part of daily operations of LAA has become an international activity which is very broad and diverse. 

Already for several years LAA is the Official Fishing Club of the "International Game Fish Association" (IGFA, USA), but the Chairman of the Board of LAA is Alvis Birkovs who is also IGFA’s Representative for Republic of Latvia. 

LAA is a member of an international alliance OCEAN2012 to support the efforts of a new Common Fisheries Policy, which is implemented by the European Union Member States.

LAA is also Associate Member of the European Anglers Alliance (EAA).

LAA has initiated the creation of a Baltic Angler Network, with all of the best-known anglers organizations from around the Baltic Sea countries in order to activate the joint efforts of the Baltic Sea ecosystem protection, water management facilities in inland waters, restricting small scale hydroelectric power station construction, water and fish resources protection and conservation. 

LAA is a member of  the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry’s Environment Advisory Council (EAC) and the member of the Board of Fish Fund of Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Department, as well as representing the EAC in “the European Fisheries Fund Support in Latvian 2007-2013” Monitoring Committee in the Ministry of Agriculture. 

LAA performed an important function in 2011 when LAA appointed a delegation to the State Environmental Service and organized a training sessions for public environmental  inspectors in Riga, Cesis, Bauska, Daugavpils and Liepaja.  More than 100 persons attended.

For these achievements LAA has received congratulations, gratitude and appreciation from the then Latvian President Vaira Vike - Freiberga, the Latvian Saeima (Parliament), the Environmental Protection and Regional Development Ministry and several Governments. 

LAA has always lobbied for Latvian water and fish resources, for sustainable use and biodiversity, resulting in your conviction for our ancestors wish – “For the legacy of which we have received from our fathers, not only does not reduce, and even propagated leave our offspring. It is our sacred duty” (magazine “Hunter and Angler”, 1925, No.3). 

So LAA is open to all who recognize and considers himself/herself a close LAA objectives and directions, and the Code of Ethics. 

Your LAA Board.